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Spend to save

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Spend to Save

Hearing loss has a huge impact whether in childhood or adulthood. For children it is linked with poor spoken language and educational outcomes; for adults it is linked with isolation, depression, dementia and unemployment. Today’s hearing technologies can change this, but only if there is access, long-term management and funding.

The evidence is now clear that the cost of NOT providing hearing technologies has been shown to be greater than the cost of providing them.

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The Spend2Save campaign with The Ear Foundation, EURO-CIU, EHIMA, EFHOH and AEA was launched in Brussels and its report and summary is now available here and Its recommendations include:

  • The introduction of adult hearing screening across Europe.
  • Funding schemes to include the full cost of hearing aids and implants as this would save money for health, social care and welfare systems.

And change the lives of those with hearing loss!

The campaign is spreading –and you can see the activities in each country below- and the summary in each language. What are YOU doing in your country?


Download of documents in different languages

Several of our members and countries, have joined this campaing leaded by The Ear Foundation and EURO-CIU:


EURO-CIU is doing several presentations of the text in conferences like:

ESPCI: presentation


More than 5.000 Downloads


Conference at Barcelona University in the Old Age Hearing Loss Symposium

Presentation Spend2Save campaing in the Spanish Senate