Joan Zamora, Federación AICE President

Mª Teresa Amat, EURO-CIU President

Dear friends,

It is an honour for the Federation of Cochlear Implant Users Associations of Spain, Federación AICE, to be the host of the European Cochlear Implant Users General Assembly of 2018 and its Workshop.

Barcelona is an open city with a long welcoming tradition that dates back to more than 4000 years ago when it was a little roman village. Nowadays its metropolitan area has more than 5 million of inhabitants making it the sixth city in the European Union in terms of population.

Since our last encounter our city has been violently attacked by terrorism but our people is characterised by its willpower never giving up and always standing up against adversity. Barcelona citizens used and still do the motto “We are not afraid” as a flag to say aloud that intolerance will never determine our way of life.

For all these reasons we welcome you with open arms hoping that you enjoy our city whenever the work at EURO-CIU lets us and we promise to try to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

We look forward to the Workshop being a meeting and debating point that makes us grow as a collective and marks the start of a new way of working together between the EURO-CIU member associations. We want to turn it into a powerful tool for our daily divulgation work and for the defence of the Cochlear Implant users’ needs. The information exchange, the publication of documents at a European level and the consensus on our stances will make us strong and will lend us credibility in front of our own countries’ authorities and in front of our fellow citizens.

We have received EURO-CIU Board’s proposal as a fortunate decision, we have embraced it with enthusiasm and have followed the guidelines the Organization has given us. We have always been deeply convinced Europeanist. We believe in Europe, we believe in EURO-CIU, we believe in you and we want to walk together with you all.

We are waiting for you!

Joan Zamora, President Federación AICE

Dear EURO-CIU members & friends:

You all know my resolution on walking together, each at his/her own pace and idiosyncrasy but with common goals to have a wider visibility and political influence in the European institutions and in our own countries. We need to transmit the specific needs of our collective based on the option we have chosen for ourselves and our children to palliate the hearing loss: we are talking about the cochlear implant and the different types of auditory implants that are emerging on the market.

We want to walk together with the otologist specialist surgeons and ORL, with the ones that are working actively in the new technologies and in overcoming communication barriers to achieve a Europe of inclusive cities that don’t forget the universal accessibility. Walk together with the OMS as we are on the same page as their prevention and awareness Campaigns and their audition divulgation. And because we don’t forget we depend on an advanced technology that requires long research we want to keep walking together with the manufacturers/producers and their clinic attention and programming teams and the rest of agents that offer us complementary technical assistance in connectivity for our devices.

For all these reasons and because the synergies redouble the results, I want to encourage you to participate as Delegates. Because if the member Associations don’t walk together, Euro-Ciu has no sense as a European organization.

I look forward to seeing you in my city, Barcelona, to work, debate, decide, opine, search, discuss and agree in what we want, what our objectives are for the next 2 years and to move forward in this lines, taking a stance in the different issues that affect us.

I am sure this encounter will be productive. Following this idea the members of the committee and the host country organization have got the Workshop ready.

See you in April!

Mª Teresa Amat, Presidenta EURO-CIU

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