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The Cochlear Implant User Federation, Federación AICE, was created in 1996, to represent at Spanish national level.

Their goals are raising awareness about deafness and giving accurate and truthful information about the cochlear implant, its possible results and its costs.Counselling families and cochlear implant users close to their homes is one of the goals, that is why the association at some point became a Federation with several regional associations.

The intention is to reach social inclusion in all age stages, from babies to old age and defend their rights in front all administrations, local, regional and national.Federación AICE is the main organization with more than 20 years of expertise and independency from all administrations and cochlear brands companies, to fight as well for accessibility in all areas of life.


To know more about us, our position and our activities, you can download the Federacion AICE Annual Report

EURO-CIU is a non-governmental and non-profit association which was established in Luxembourg in 1995. The association consists of 32 national member associations from 23 European countries.

Altogether the EURO-CIU represents almost 150.000 cochlear implant (CI) users across Europe, approximately 60% of whom are adults and 40% children.

In the Association’s recent surveys of members 95% of cochlear implant users state that the implant has improved both their and their families’ quality of life.

The mission of EURO-CIU is to increase access to the gift of hearing provided by cochlear implantation through awareness and research.


To know more about us, our position and our activities, you can download the EURO-CIU Annual Report