Annual report

Image Annual Report 20017Since 2016, EURO-CIU compiles an Annual Report to show their activities, position to be held accountable, as the European Association who fights for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Cochlear Implants User’s interests. A 28 page compilation of a year work from all countries and European level activities, campaigns EURO-CIU is working on, etc. with photos that illustrates cochlear implant users from all over the continent, that ends with a list of all our current members, which this year went up to 32 members from 23 different countries. Click below to know more about our work and us during this past 2017:

EURO-CIU position papers
Cochlear Implant Day
Symposiums / Workshops
Youth – European Friendship Week
EURO-CIU is member of: Platform / EDF / 4th European Disability Parliament
Strong Accessibility Act
Campaign Spend 2 Save
Manifesto on Hearing Loss and Disability

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